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Super Radiance is a group exhibition of twenty-seven artists working across a wide spectrum of media, including painting, photography, collage, sculpture, video, textiles, and performance, as well as technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

The theme draws on both scientific and spiritual definitions of the title: as an electromagnetic phenomenon, “superradiance” describes the cooperative, spontaneous emission of energy particles; as a metaphysical force, “Super Radiance” characterizes the positive societal effects transmitted when a group of people meditate together.

Amplified by the power of shared momentum and collective intent, Super Radiance unites artists on diverse wavelengths into a luminous, resonant frequency.

Nancy Baker Cahill
Debbie J. Cho
Linda Franke
Siri Kaur
Paradise Khanmalek
Bettina Khano
Grace Jiyoon Kim
Clay Lipsky
Mtendere "Teebs" Mandowa
Alicia McDaid
Yetunde Olagbaju
Alex Pelly
Vincent Ramos
Brooks Salzwedel
Katie Shapiro
Jennifer Juniper Stratford
Courtney Taylor
Dani Tull
Holly Tempo
Leora Wien + Michelle Andrade
Kim Zumpfe

Curated by Laura Darlington + Selwa Sweidan

November 10 – December 8, 2018
The Nook Gallery, Beacon Arts Building
808 N. La Brea Ave., Inglewood, CA 90302

Opening Reception: Saturday, November 10, 5-7pm
Performance by Alicia McDaid at 6pm

Closing Reception: Saturday, December 8, 4-6pm
Performance by Linda Franke at 5pm

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